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LUFT - Casa del Arte - 20. April - 25. Mai 2012

Gruppenausstellung vom 20. April - 25. Mai 2012 
Vernissage, 19 April 2012 18:00 - 21:00 

CASA DEL ARTE Wolfbachstrasse 11, 8032 Zürich

«Just as language has no longer anything in common with the thing it names, so the movements of most of the people who live in cities have lost their connection with the earth; they hang, as it were, in the air, hover in all directions, and find no place where they can settle.» Ranier Maria Rilke 

The Gallery CASA DEL ARTE is pleased to present the first group exhibition of this spring on the theme “Luft“(Air). The Gallery houses the works of six artists based on different and personal concepts of lightness. The exhibition is composed by the photographic works of four artists, the Swiss photographers Tres Camenzind and Sandro Fiechter and the Americans Janine Hudson and Derrick Feole, and the sculptures of the Swiss artist Tania Maria Camenzind and the German Matthias Merdan. 
The suspended sculptures of Tania Maria Camenzind, made with wood and iron and other natural components, create a state of ambiguity between the weight of materials and the complicity of the air.
Tres Camenzind, member, until last year president of the Swiss association of creative photographers vfg, presents pictures taken during trips to France (Southern France, 2006), India (Chennai, 2009), Turkey (Istanbul, 2007) and USA (New York, 2005) that have as their constant the movement: he reports in images the atmosphere of places shooting the air that people move in daily life. 
In the work of the artists together Camenzind-Camenzind, presented for the exhibition, this concept is also perceptible, but to be analyzed is no longer the public routine, but some pure, white, movements of a single person. 
The exhibition includes also the works of the American photographer Derrick Feole, from Lawrence, MA (USA), that now lives and works in Luzern, which are landscapes and „bodyscapes“. Feole’s photos are the result of a deep passion for the exciting scenery of Southwest USA and Switzerland. The pictures are in black and white, all characterized by a particular attention to the conditions of light at different times of day. In the last period, the photographer arrives to the „bodyscapes“ and works with bodies with the same care of „magic of lighting shadows“ he has with landscapes: the difference is the connection between photographer and model, and no longer the solitary approach to nature, which suggests unexpected meanings. 
In black and white are also the eight images that built the work „Sui Generis“ of the Swiss Sandro Fiechter. The artist mixes the elements Water, represented by waves on a dark beach, and Air up to assimilate them in one thing. The result is a sparkling cloud, that leaves the viewer without any anchor point. 
A collage of wings of Janine Hudson, a polyhedric American/Swiss artist, who presents also ceramic sculptures mixed with natural objects, completes the photographic side of the exhibition „Luft“. Besides the other photography-concepts represented in the exhibition, where „Air“ is movement, suspension, space and light, she introduces a necessary overview about „Air“ as „Fly“. 
The light sculptures, made with carbon, graphite and glass fiber, of Matthias Merdan, German, that lives and works in Zurich, placed in the spaces outside the Gallery, introduce visitors into the atmosphere of the exhibition with their „obviuos dynamic force and lightness“. Merdan’s sculptures rush into and/or throughout the space. The gallery is pleased to present the light works of this artists and to be the anchor point of all their castles in the air. On request we can send picture’s information (

, Cecilia Trachsler

Biarritz, 2006

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